A few notes from my own private bubble-o.

I am told by supporters of President* Trump that the opposition to his authority comes from elites residing on the East and West Coasts. They live inside “Bubbles,” out of touch with Real America, which just so happens to be where most of them either live or romanticize about profusely. Within the Bubbles reside “snowflakes” and “buttercups” who are worthless and weak compared to Real Americans.

I live in rural Southwest Virginia. From a distance it is definitely Trump country. My precinct voted 2 to 1 for the current President*. My former precinct back in mostly conservative Huntsville, Alabama voted for Clinton by a healthy margin. That’s a reminder that our current national divide isn’t exactly regional or even country versus city, but it’s finely structured within cities and towns. Some of it is motivated by race and ethnicity. Well, I think a lot of it is race and ethnicity.

The Russians couldn’t have exploited anything if we weren’t already ripe for the exploiting. Racism, the American Original Sin, comes back to haunt us over and over. And this time it might be fatal.

Meanwhile, I shop unnoticed at the massive Galax Wal-Mart. I look like the vast majority of shoppers, white and aging like fine methamphetamine wine. I am partially deaf, but I can pick up a few snippets of praise for the new President* without even trying. Sharia Law is being thwarted. Coal is coming back. Obamacare is out. I say nothing. I think that Trump is using these people like rented mules.

I substitute teach at an area high school. I hear students imitating their parents: “Build that wall!” “Trump Train! Trump Train! Wooo!” I gotta tell this one kid to settle down and let me call roll.

The school is about 95% white. So far, I’ve not had to deal with any post-election harassment of Black or Hispanic students. I’m grateful for that, and it might be evidence of the good character of the student body. I’d like to think so, at least. But I keep alert anyway. It is high school after all, and that’s a Bubble if there ever was one.

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  1. Happy to see your new and improved site. I certainly live in a liberal bubble, perhaps the preeminent liberal bubble, minutes from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Across the bay is UC Berkeley (I’m married to a Cal graduate for crying out loud!) birthplace of the Free Speech movement, although how one defines free speech is currently under “discussion” by folks with Molotov cocktails and little common sense. Sometimes it’s all a bit much. To be sure, I’m quite irritated by the snowflake/buttercup/crybaby rants from the Right, but there is way too much self-righteous anger and hyperbole from some on the Left, who at this moment have not really thought through a cogent strategy to defend their values and counter the real and deadly-serious threats being tweeted from the West wing of the White House. Looking forward to more reports from your neck of the woods.

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