Unclaimed Mystery Labs: Voiceover and Podcast


On-air announcing, commercial voiceovers, explainers, podcasts, long-form narration, animation, video games. Adept with scientific and technical language. Professional, respects direction. Copywriting experience. Gear: AT 875R shotgun mic, Zoom h4n Pro recorder/interface, Pro Tools, Audacity software.

Demo Reels

Unclaimed Mysteries on Podbean.

Freeform audio drawing from talent from Huntsville’s Crash Boom Bang Theatre, WEGL alumni, and just maybe YOU, our first podcasts are going to be a little ragged. But I have supreme confidence in the Chaotic Angels of our nature.

  • 2020/12/01: The primitive origins of Unclaimed Mysteries revealed in a violent mashup from 1979-1985ish.
  • 2020/07/01: Content so fresh it does not yet exist.