Consider a Venn diagram of:

(1) people who jump into online discussions correcting others over what the AR in AR-15 stands for,

(2) people who jump into online discussions correcting others over what the official Confederate flag looked like, and

(3) people who jump into online discussions claiming that there was no GOP Southern Strategy and that Democrats exclusively are the real racists.

That Venn diagram would be three nearly identical and concentric circles.


Getting real.

I am ambivalent about Mastodon. Not the interface – that’s fine. Not the decentralized networks nor the open source code – I’m definitely for all that.

It’s just that having walked away from a Twitterful of imaginary friends already, I’m not sure I’m up to making new imaginary friends, or being one myself.

It’s …


Leaving Twitter

(Note: I returned to Twitter in late 2018-ish)

Hello Twitter friends. It’s time for me to go. Pretty simple, really. I have no desire to be “the product” any longer. I will delete this account over the weekend. I have one remaining social media account: (at)k4doh on Instagram.

I have no idea if I’ll be hearing from people on Twitter again. I will miss several personal friends and online acquaintances. Same thing happened when I left Facebook, only more so. People probably still think I’m dead over there.

I’m here on this site I seldom update, with intention to do more always. I have e-z to find email addresses. Instagram and Flickr even.  I’d be honored if you could drop me a line just to say hello at your convenience.