Science and technical communications. Nature, landscape photography. Passionate advocate of science and math education for everyone, not only specialists. Broadcaster – engineering, production, announcing. Writer/performer with Huntsville’s Crash Boom Bang Theatre and Can’t Afford Cable Youtube channel. Academic trainer for Appleton Learning, Inc. Floyd County, VA Schools secondary sub teacher.

Fun Facts

  • Associated with various Lowe Mill and Flying Monkey Arts activities since 2007-2015.
  • Played “Love Theme From ‘Earthquake'” during last radio job at Easy Listening FM station.
  • Once took a bullet for Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Okay, it was an ice cube, but it was hard and the punk who threw it had a rifle arm.

About That Name Business

  • You mean Unclaimed Mysteries? It was a comedy sketch idea that never panned out, but became a catchy USENET user name. It just kinda stuck. This web site was called unclaimedmysteries.net from 1998 to 2017.
  • Oh, that OTHER name business. That’s worth a separate FAQ.